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Aaron Sharma

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Aaron Sharma is a PhD student at Brunel University London who specialises in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. By taking a unique perspective on the theoretical neuroscience theories of human learning, Aaron aims to improve upon the current Machine Learning techniques used so that they can begin to emulate how the human brain learns, hence bridging the gap between machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As well as an academic background in Psychology and Aerospace Engineering, Aaron has an insatiable curiosity in human psychology, particularly in the field of mental health and addiction. Due to his previous experiences of struggling with mental health, Aaron has aimed to help others who also struggle with their mental health. During his postgraduate studies, he volunteers weekly on a helpline that specialises in providing support and advice for those with anxiety and addiction disorders. He has also helped the homeless in overcoming addiction, mentored students between the ages of 14-16, and currently participates in regular meetings with Brunel staff to advise on improvements that can be made to engage and increase awareness of mental health in the University.

Outside of work and volunteering, Aaron enjoys playing golf frequently, reading and listening to every genre of music you can think of!

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