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Hi, I’m Angelina a 2nd year undergraduate at Durham University reading Business and Management with a year abroad. I’m also one of the first STEP alumni, as well as the current Durham University African Caribbean Society (ACS ) President.

I am and have always been very proud of my culture and heritage. Attending boarding schools which lacked diversity only reinforced my self pride.. I actually think the schools helped me embrace my culture more because I felt the need to spread awareness of black culture heritage and key historical events.

I have organised Black History Month events and when I was 16 year old, I did a charity skyjump raising money and awareness for Black Lives Matter.

It was inevitable that I would join a university that is committed to improving diversity . STEP is just one programme designed to foster greater diversity and inclusiveness. STEP takes its name from Space to Explore Potential as the initiative encourages black students to attend Russel group universities. These universities are often perceived as elitist and unwelcoming to minorities. However, opportunities through STEP are dismantling these misconceptions. And my role as ACS President provide further opportunities to champion black culture and support the black community.

Participating on a podcast is something new to me as I have never done anything like it before.
Going to university isn’t just about academic growth but also personal growth too; trying new things and challenges. I am grateful for this podcast opportunity and cant wait to see what awareness and difference it can make.

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