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My name is Tatyana but some know me as Ageerani.

I am recent Law graduate who started Brunel at 16 and graduated earlier this year at 19.

During my LLB, I was motivated to qualify as a barrister but recently decided to be a solicitor instead. So currently, I am studying towards my SQE and Masters at BPP with hopes of continuing into a career where I can use my knowledge and skills to help others.

During my time at Brunel, I took part in many law society activities such as mooting in my first and second year, and presentations with law firms. Eventually in my final year I joined the committee as the events manager for a while. Outside of law at Brunel, I also started the Mauritian society during my final year and participated in cultural society activities throughout my degree.

I enjoy doing new different activities although recently, in my spare time they have ranged from going out with friends to having a lie in and binge-watching shows

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