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Hi! My name is Ash (she/her) and I am a Twitch broadcaster and entertainer. My energetic and infectious passion for video games drove my path to success in becoming a partner and Twitch Ambassador.

The AshSaidHi channel started on Twitch in March 2019. My show focuses on classic gaming and modern games with a retro feel. I am known on Twitch for my extensive collection of games, consoles, and Nintendo merchandise.

My mission is to connect with others through the joy and nostalgia of video games. As a Twitch Ambassador, my channel is featured on the front page of Twitch frequently so I am accustomed to performing in front of a sizable audience while keeping my channel family-friendly and fun. I structure the flow of my chat to be highly engaging. You can think of me as the "Mr. Rogers of Twitch."

I often share personal stories about how gaming shaped who I am. From playing video games with my mother and father to adventures I had building my collection,  Swing by for the hilarity and “Don’t forget to tell your friends, Ash said hi!”

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