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Indie Love Gordon

Hello, I'm Indie, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, government consultant, and global coach. I'm the founder of Halo, a cutting-edge safety app ensuring continuous protection for women, students, and lone workers, set to launch in Q3 2024. Simultaneously, I serve as the Head of Programs and Community for a platform, fostering connections and opportunities for entrepreneurs while championing diversity.

When I'm not doing those things, I spend a lot of time as an angel investor for early-stage founders, a transformational coach for anyone/business looking to develop and grow and finally, as a global speaker, I travel the world teaching, motivating and inspiring anyone that has a dream and just needs a little help to get it started.

I have been featured in work with major brands such as Pinterest, ITV, Sky, Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, Wray & Nephew, Virgin and so much more. I am a disruptor! I am willing to set this whole world alight and rebuild a new foundation if it means the sins of our ancestors are not repeated by our legacy. I'm on a mission to empower anyone and everyone to speak, lead, work and live with unapologetic confidence; let’s grow together.

Indie Love Gordon
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