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James-Raphael Consultancy Limited

James-Raphael Consultancy Limited was incorporated in 2016 to provide a professional, well-informed, and practical task-based consultancy service.

  • We support our clients in the management of their data in line with data protection legislation and regulations;

  • We are subject matter experts in data protection, business continuity and information governance; and

  • We have deep industry knowledge and operate in the most cost effective and pragmatic manner.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of quality data protection consultancy services so that organisations can handle data confidently and securely.

Our mission is to assist our clients in maximising the value of their data while minimising associated risks and costs by complying with data protection legislation and regulations.

Our goals are to support our clients to:   

  • comply with their data privacy legal and regulatory obligations; 

  • maintain the trust and confidence of their data subjects when processing their personal data; and 

  • handle personal identifiable data confidentially and safeguard the integrity and availability of personal identifiable data process.

We are committed to ensure that our values drive the way we work with our customers, and each other, in order to deliver future success for all of us.

Integrity: we are honest and ethical in all our interactions, maintaining highest ethical standards in our service delivery. Quality: we are determined to remain excellent in our daily work and deliver top value to our customers.

Diversity and Inclusion: we create a work environment where everyone is valued, respected, heard, and matters.

Customer Focused: we build and maintain customer satisfaction with the services we offered.

James-Raphael Consultancy Limited
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