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I'm Catherine and I am a graduate from Brunel University who spent four years studying for a Biomedical Science Honours Degree. Throughout my four years at Brunel, I did not fail to showcase my Christian lifestyle and duty to the Lord through the various events I held on campus and my two years of leadership of a Christian society called The Rock Foundation including my role as Vice President during a Covid pandemic. Moreover, as an advocate for social change in the lives of young people I did not fail to involve myself in various opportunities over my four years at Brunel, such as partaking in a global health impact programme in my first year of university and ranking fourth out of 20 different teams, being a Peer Assisted Learning Leader in my second year and facilitating the learning of first year undergraduate Biomedical Science students, volunteering as part of a social mobility charity as a Coach tutoring two year 10 girls for 12 weeks to then being a Head Coach supporting coaches in their role of tutoring and finally aspiring to impact the lives of young people globally as a Digital Impact trainer in an organisation called Otermans Institute who support young people from the poorest areas of Asia desiring to be taught professional skills such as writing a CV, setting goals and much more. My hope is to continue to impact the lives of young people socially, emotionally, psychologically in my future role as a Secondary school Teacher but most importantly spiritually as 'Kingdom Siren'

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