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Emily graduated university in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She then went on to complete her master’s degree in Forensic Psychology before joining Advent Advocacy. Emily is the Service Support Officer for the UniAdvocates service, as well as an Independent Mental Health Advocate. Having recently been a student, she understands what it is like to navigate university in the current climate and wishes to support students through the difficulties they may face. She aspires to bring awareness to the mental health struggles that people face and is passionate about championing student and youth mental health support, as well as promoting open discussions about issues that young people commonly face but do not talk about. As an advocate, she aims to support individuals to feel strong in raising their voice and speak out for what is important to them. 

Outside of work, Emily enjoys cooking, keeping fit and working on research projects. You can find some of Emily’s research projects, and keep up to date with any new publications, on ResearchGate:

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