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Kate Iley

S05 Kate Iley.png

Volunteer Mentor, serving in a primary school in Manchester, City Year UK

Durham University placement student studying Behavioural Science

A little about you: I like the outdoors. I love exploring my surroundings and meeting new people. Moving to Manchester and working for City Year has been a great adventure.

What do you do in your role at CYUK: I am a volunteer mentor meaning that I help students both academically and socially. Working in Year 6 has been a privilege as I have worked with the students throughout SATs and am now preparing them to move to secondary school. I have enjoyed seeing them grow in confidence and will miss seeing them and hearing about their days.

Why did you apply to do a year placement at CYUK: I wanted to work with City Year because I agreed with their mission. I feel like the education system does not support everyone in the way it should and I wanted to help young people that there are other perspectives available to them.

What would you like to do as a future career: I am interested in positive psychology, well-being and helping people. I want to help change the way the education system runs because I think it has so much potential and could be used to educate young people on how to look after themselves.

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