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Joseph Gordon-Levitt & HitRecord

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an actor, entrepreneur, singer, and filmmaker. Joseph and his brother Dan are also the founders of HitRecord, a free online platform that allows artists to not only post their work but also contribute to projects. Some of these projects include Watch Dogs Legion (game), Beyond Good and Evil 2 (game), and Project Power (a Netflix film). The great thing about HitRecord is that anyone can contribute to a project, you don't have to be a professional artist. Artists can contribute to projects that are both free and paid (and get paid for their work). HitRecord is an innovative platform as it allows individuals to promote their work, learn new skills and try new things and receive feedback about their work. In 2021, HitRecord has announced Class Projects, a new service being added to the website which allows individuals to learn new skills, such as creative writing, film making, photo editing, and more. To check out their website, click here ( and to learn more about one of the projects that they've worked on click here (

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