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How Does Your Mindset Determine Your Perspectives?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

You've been feel unmotivated, not really doing anything that you want to be doing. You see posts on social media showing people who are doing the thing that you want to be doing but you don't know how you can get to that point. You wonder if you could start something (e.g., a business) or do a huge career change. The most important question you're asking yourself is ... will it all work out?

Chances are you've been in situations like this before (I know I have) and you really start to question yourself and what you're doing. First of, I want to start by saying that this is completely expected. In life things rarely go great all the time. There will be good times and there will be tough times. However while you can't change this, what you can change is your mindset.

It's more than clichés

Now I know you've probably heard lots of people talking about how your mindset is as important as your attitude to situations. You could even argue that they're linked. Your mindset is all about how you view situations, how you essentially view life. Your mindset is important because it's like a compass that helps guide you. Have you ever been lost and looked at Google Maps (or Citymapper) to try and see where you are and your next step to reach your destination? Your mindset is like that. When good things (and especially bad things) happen, your mindset is your reminder of your values, your inspiration and who you ultimately are.

Let's start with an example

Take for example that you've been rejected from multiple jobs and are still looking for your job. You could think "there must be something wrong with for me not to them not to want me" or "I'm not good enough". OR you might think "You know what, I really did wanted this job, and it sucks that I didn't get it. But you know what, that fact that I didn't get it just means that it ultimately wasn't for me". See how just changing your mindset changes the lessons you can learn?

One quick thing

I definitely want to highlight this though, this does not happen overnight. In a world where we can order almost anything with an expectation that it'll come the next day (or sooner), we need to remember that life is not the same as that. This will take time, but guess what, it'll be worth it!

So start today. See one situation differently, take a look at the lessons that could be learnt and apply them to your life. I know you'll do great things! Before I let you go, we want to give you this quote from Trevor Noah.

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