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We're changing our name!

"What? Where's Pick Up The Mic going?" I promise, we are going to new heights with our content (all shall be revealed soon), but we aren't abandoning our name. Let me explain.

Pick Up The Mic was both the name of the name of the platform, but also of the main series (you know the one that's on Season 5 and just released an episode that you can watch here). Now as you can imagine, it was a bit hard sometimes for us, our guest speakers and probably you to tell the difference.

So we thought about what still captures the message, the catchyness (not an actual word), and charisma of Pick Up The Mic, but still shows what we are about? Plus it also had to be something that didn't already exist (always helpful). So we came up with...

The Student Guide On .... With ....

This doesn't mean we are only going to be focusing on topics that are relevant to students. We are still discussing topics relevant to ALL young people (but honestly everyone). We are always learning new things (some stuff that we didn't know) and thus we are all students in the school of life. So don't worry, all the episodes are relevant to you.

So let us know what you think on the new name, and we look forward to guiding you through the next stages of life (see what I did there?)

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