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Amith Sebastian

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My name is Amith Sebastian and I am from India. I finished my Bachelor's in law from Bangalore, India and worked with American and Canadian lawyers for 8 years. I decided to do my Masters in law from UK and chose Brunel University. I finished my Masters in the year 2022 and while doing my studies, through University placement I got a job as a Paralegal in a law firm. After I finished my studies, the firm asked me to become a permanent employee. I am under the placement visa of University now since I secured a job in a law firm. While doing my studies I was a member of Brunel Catholic Society as by faith I am a Catholic. I used to help the society in several activities. I was selected as the President for the Catholic Society last year and this year also. Our society welcomes all students of all faith. We have interfaith meetings. I have friends from different religions and caste. We do so many activities in our society and want all the students and staff also know about it. I have so many things to share about the country I come from and compare the life in UK. The liberty to everything.

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