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My name is Baz, I am a mental health pharmacist. Prior to working in mental health, I was working in a general hospital as a senior pharmacist rotating through various different specialties. I've worked in paediatrics and women's health, ICU and HDU, respiratory, admissions and elderly care. Right now I also work across different areas within mental health - older people, acute admissions and alcohol and substance detox. Working in mental health has always been a goal of mine and I love that I am able to do it now in a very dynamic role. I believe people living with mental health conditions/illnesses are the most vulnerable people in our society. I am also passionate about education - to people with conditions/illnesses and the general public. I think it's extremely important for everyone to be properly informed, especially in this day and age where information can be found at the tap of a button. We're living in a time of information overload and I think it's important for healthcare professionals to speak up and engage with members of the public and build that trust.

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