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Dr Pauldy Otermans

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Dr Pauldy Otermans, is an inspiring educationalist, global teacher, and female tech-leader. She co-founded Otermans Institute (OI) just over two years ago. She set up a digital training system that spread from 3 countries to 12 nations in just 15 months. This made Otermans Institute one of the highly successful digital training organisations in terms of reach and quick scaling during the pandemic and serving some of the most underserved learners globally from UN Refugee camps in Iraq, to female learners in Afghanistan, to NEET learners in the UK and now students in Malawi.
She also introduced them to blockchain by moving the entire certification process to it - a significant wider impact. This transformation also led it to collaborate with partners like UNICEF, UNHCR camps, governments (UK-included) 3-countries, and other renowned NGOs like Bethlehem foundation and the billion-dollar Shiv Nadar foundation.
She then built OIAI; its AI-powered human-like virtual teacher that can teach (personalized) anyone via a smartphone. This has been used to upskill learners in UN-backed refugee camps in countries like Iraq (first of its kind) and is paving the way for OI to serve millions instead of the tens of thousands it serves today.
Finally, under her visions OI is now using OIAI to give a real-time translator for British Sign Language to all sign speakers and hearing-impaired persons in the UK with almost £150,000 funding by Innovate UK.
Separately, Pauldy is also an academic at Brunel University London and was named as one of the top 100 women who helped shape Brunel University London. She has also won several other awards and accolades in the UK and internationally including from the UK Prime Minister in 2021. Finally, over 70% of the training force of Otermans Institute and 90% of the current research team is female – a direct result of her leadership and inspiration.

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