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Feiya Hu

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Feiya Hu is a newly graduated doctor, activist and public speaker, with a passion for anti-racism activism. She co-founded Racism Unmasked Edinburgh, which is a non-profit organisation advocating for East and Southeast Asian communities in the UK, following a surge in hate crimes against these communities during the pandemic. Through this, she has been featured on documentaries such as BBC Panorama and Channel News Asia, has given talks and workshops at a range of events and conferences, guest spoken on multiple podcasts, and has launched a social media platform to bring everyone together in a safe space to encourage discussion of topics surrounding anti-racism, allyship and East and Southeast Asian pride. Racism Unmasked Edinburgh has been featured on national and international television and tabloids, and has celebrity endorsement by the likes of Gemma Chan and Benedict Wong. She is a big advocate for allyship and intersectionality within her communities and believes the incorporation of these are what can create the most change going forward.

She hopes to continue this advocacy in her career as a doctor and is currently writing a research paper on the diversity and inclusion problems in the NHS.

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