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Hey, it’s me. Jash. Hey. Hi. Hello.
I have a piece of paper that says I completed a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, but I don't use that much. I can’t stop moving to new countries. I may have a slight addiction. So far I’ve lived and taught in Italy, Senegal, South Korea, and Haiti. Traveling and teaching has become my life since finishing undergrad. Slow traveling the world and experiencing other cultures is what I live for. I've worked in five countries on four continents and I’m not done yet. I live life by the seat of my pants and follow opportunities. It hasn't failed me yet & I'm enjoying every second of it.

I decided to go into teaching because I wanted to travel, live abroad and always enjoyed working with kids. I studied something completely different, but teaching just made sense for me and what I wanted to do. It has definitely been a rollercoaster, but each experience has taught me something different. In Italy, I worked at a language school where English was the favourite subject for the majority of my students and I had a lot of
support from the department as a whole. In South Korea, the curriculum was provided and then I was on my own. Each country was unique in their own way and allowed me to develop in different ways as an educator.
One piece of advice for anyone looking to go into teaching is to always be open minded and understand that it is a learning process for the teacher as well. Being an educator is something that you never completely master. I am constantly learning new things and growing as a teacher. It just comes with the territory.

I don’t have a favourite memory from my travels. It’s too hard to choose. I love being able to travel, connect with people abroad, fully immerse into other cultures, learn languages and everything in between that comes with living and traveling abroad. Everything becomes a story to tell or a memory to share which is why I finally launched my platform Joyriding With Jash in 2020. I show the REAL of life abroad, good, bad and ugly.
Sometimes I’m posting about paradise and sometimes I gotta talk my shit. That’s what I like to call balance. I also help others move abroad by providing resources, offering advice, and I recently launched a guide to teaching abroad available on my website, Being able to share my experiences with such a great community has truly been amazing and I’m excited to continue on this joyride! My Instagram Handle: @iamjashley

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