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Afiba Annor

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Speaker Page - Afiba Annor

Afiba's journey into Data Science began during a summer internship at S&P Global while pursuing a Mathematics degree at the University of Leeds. There, she introduced machine learning to the Marketing Department, developing churn prediction models in Python. This experience sparked Afiba's passion for Data Science which led her to embark on a career as a Data Scientist at PwC. This was also a step towards her realisation that she wanted to be a creator and innovator of such technologies, not the consumer alone. In her role at PwC, she specialises in Natural Language Processing – an area of artificial intelligence that enables computers to interpret and generate human language.

Beyond her professional role, Afiba co-developed, a social listening tool designed to extract actionable insights from YouTube comment sections and is committed to fostering diversity and social mobility within the technology sector through mentorship and advocacy. Additionally, in 2024 she was selected as finalist for the everywoman in Tech awards and the Black Tech Achievement awards for the Rising Star and Young Tech Entrepreneur categories respectively.

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