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Nathan Tuft

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Speaker Image - Nathan Tuft

Nathan started in youth work in his late teens, volunteering with organisations such as the YMCA and Hackney Pirates - experiences that sparked his passion in the power of giving young people space to express themselves as well as “using their voice”. Deciding to pursue this further, Nathan went to Sheffield Hallam to study Social Work, gaining valuable experience in community based youth work as well as supporting vulnerable young people at risk of exclusion from education. Since coming back to London, Nathan has worked in a variety of spaces including social action charities Envision and NCS/The Challenge, all the main aim to engage young people where they are at and support them in both their personal and professional development.

His current role as Senior Youth Work Manager at the Roundhouse in Camden has seen him create an embedded team of youth workers in response to the number of complex needs raised by young people throughout the pandemic and beyond. He also sits on the board of trustees for inclusive perforation arts organisation Haringey Shed. Outside of his role, Nathan is a keen writer, both through spoken word and written journalism. His work covers a range of topics, from music and youth work to skateboarding and youth culture.

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