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Jeffrey Oyinlola

Founder & Director

Hey! I’m Jeffrey Oyinlola, the Founder & Director of Pick Up The Mic, a podcast network dedicated to amplifying diverse voices through the power of content and conversations. With a background in Environmental Sciences, and Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, & Design, I bring a unique interdisciplinary perspective to my work. Passionate about sustainability and the role of media and communication in driving change, I advocate for an integrated approach to addressing societal challenges, whether this is related to the environment, entrepreneurship, or employment.

Driven by my love for storytelling and community engagement, I founded Pick Up The Mic to create a platform that not only showcases talent but also fosters a supportive environment for creatives, students, and young people. As a gamer, content creator, and public speaker, I bring a wealth of diverse interests to my business. Through this, I’ve established a space where storytelling and community engagement converge, highlighting the transformative power of content. My commitment to nurturing creativity and encouraging authentic expression is evident in the way Pick Up The Mic empowers individuals to share their stories and perspectives with the world.

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