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My name is Amith Sebastian and I am the founder of Wise Consultant Services. I have finished my Masters in Law from Brunel University and had the opportunity to work with two different law firms while I was in the placement year. Being an international student, I became victim of a scam in the UK where I have lost considerably a big amount of money. This was really shocking for me as I never expected this and lost all my savings. I put all my efforts to get the money back and then went through all the procedures. I finally got half of the money I lost.

During my research and market study I realised that there are so many people who are losing money to scammers and I believe that I will be the right person to help them as I know the procedures very well. The innovation I brought in here was to take care of the wellbeing of a victim. Wise Consultant Services helped four international students to get their money back and out of that one was a Brunel student. Having said that Wise is now helping all the scam victims irrespective of any scams in the UK to get their money back. The best part is “this is a no win no fee” deal so if Wise cannot claim the money, then no fees, and our fees is very reasonable compared to others in the market. Wise have tailor made offers and special care is given to elderly and vulnerable. We have dedicated team to help the victims as we realise how important is their hard earn money.

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