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Aphra - Zera

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Speaker Page - Aphra & Zera (The Hustle Chronicles)

My name is Aphra, and I graduated in 2023 from Brunel University in Industrial Design and Technology. For my final year major project, I created a product called the Zera Cooling Crescent which helps to tackle menopausal hot flushes, as well as reducing the stigma of ageing. The product and brand also aims to highlight the racial disparities in reproductive ageing. The accompanying Zera app allows women to track other menopause symptoms and engage with a community of women, helping to empower one another.

I currently work as a Visual Designer for a luxury brand whilst also working to build up Zera! To find out more about the project and product, you can find Zera featured in design magazines such as Dezeen, Design Week and Design Wanted.

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