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Chi Okafor - Kendake Honey

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Speaker Page - Chi Okafor - Kendake Honey (The Hustle Chronicles)

Chibugo Esther Okafor (CEO) is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history
of working in the social entrepreneurship industry. She is a skilled public speaker, leader and advocate. She is a strong business development professional and MBA graduate of the University of Oxford and member of New College. She served as the co-chair of the Oxford Women’s Leadership Alliance, chair of the Oxford Africa Conference and on the secretary’s committee of the Oxford Union. As one of the 25 young Nigerian women champions for UN Women Beijing +25, she has over 7 years professional experience working on gender-focused projects across communities, governmental and non-governmental organisations. She is the Founder-President of The Walk with Women and Children and also doubles up as the CEO of Kendake Honey.

Business summary:
Kendake Honey is no ordinary honey brand – it’s an award-winning , socially conscious business that is targeted at businesses and individuals who have a recognition for the highest quality 'clean' food. Sustainably harvested by female farmers from deep-set hives across West African woodlands; our 100% pure African honey that is EU & USDA organic-certified delivers an unforgettable taste on every occasion.
As a women-owned and women-powered business, our founder, Chibugo Okafor, a businesswoman of African heritage created this social enterprise with a beautiful objective to empower African women to improve their livelihoods with every jar sold by contributing 10% of company profits to this cause. This powerhouse brand provides financial and training support to create a positive social impact in the communities where it sustainably harvests honey.

It's award-winning taste of a unique blend of papaya, shea nut, and mango flavours and its superior quality ensures the best nutritional and medicinal benefits to support your health and well-being.
A Kendake Honey jar delivers pure goodness that is both absolutely delicious and 100% good for you, for communities, and our planet - it’s the perfect blend to savour the pure goodness of mindful living.

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