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Des Agyekumhene - Soga World

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Speaker Page - Des Agyekumhene & Soga World

Edinburgh Law School PhD candidate Des Agyekumhene has been recognised as one of Google’s Future Leaders. In his PhD titled "Rights of Musicians and Music Creators in a Changing Digital Music Consumption Landscape”, Des explores the evolving legal dynamics of the UK’s music sector with the rise of streaming platforms, a core theme is evaluating whether the existing legal frameworks are robust and adaptive enough to protect the rights of musicians and music creators in this dynamic digital environment, especially given the nuances of contract law and copyright stipulations in the context of streaming. As well as being an academic, Des is a successful entrepreneur running Soga World, a creative agency and has an upcoming venture,

Speaking about being named as one of Google’s Future Leaders, Des said: “It's truly an honour to be recognised as one of Google's Future Leaders. Throughout my academic journey as a PhD researcher, I've endeavoured to bridge the gap between theoretical insights and real-world applications. As an entrepreneur, my goal has always been to leverage cutting-edge research and technology to drive innovation and create sustainable solutions. Being acknowledged by an esteemed organisation like Google not only validates the dedication and hard work I've invested but also underscores the importance of fostering a synergy between academia and industry. This recognition will undoubtedly propel me to further my research, enhance my entrepreneurial ventures, and collaborate on a larger scale to contribute positively to our ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Des Agyekumhene’s agency Soga World bridges the gap between educating and aiding talent and brands in the web3 domain. The agency has been involved in ground breaking ventures such as a collaboration with Aitch for his album “Close to Home" which led to a historic NFT project influencing the Official Album Charts (securing a number 2 spot), offering NFT based meet-and-greets at the OVO Wembley Arena during Ne-Yo’s sold out UK tour and partnering with Floyd Mayweather, where they streamed the first boxing match in the metaverse, gaining recognition in Forbes.

Speaking about his work Des said: “From melding traditional music metrics with the burgeoning world of NFTs, redefining fan engagement and adding a unique layer of value to live events, at its core, my work with Soga is about pushing the boundaries, challenging conventions, and redefining how we perceive value, engagement, and experience in the digital age. This vision will be further realised in my upcoming venture,, which is deeply influenced by my PhD research.”

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