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Dominique Lescott - Hair Popp

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Speaker Page- Dominique Lescott & Hair Popp (The Hustle Chronicles)

About Hair Popp
Hair Popp is a beauty and lifestyle brand with a two-fold mission - to get quality natural hair care and lifestyle products into as many homes across the globe, and to empower independent, black businesses. Since launching in 2018 in the UK, the brand has seen many hair brands springboard to wider success, partnering with major high street retailers. Hair Popp has been invited to places like Facebook headquarters, high street banks and some of the UK’s largest hair shows. Dominique the founder has delivered natural hair workshops at the St. Kitts Juvenile Centre and currently has a temporary pop-up shop in Camps, Nevis where people can shop offline in the Federation.

About The Founder
Dominique is a female tech entrepreneur who has an emotional connection with the advancement of her community. She is passionate about using the latest technology and digital media to empower and uplift the black economy. As a millennial and a business owner, one of her biggest qualities is networking and connecting with people.

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