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Mayo - The Lady Powerhouse

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Speaker Page - Mayo (The Lady Powerhouse)

Mayo, a dynamic 24-year-old entrepreneur and visionary leader, is at the forefront of The Lady Powerhouse CIC, where she serves as Founder and CEO. Her commitment extends beyond, as she dedicates herself to empowering and educating female founders, driving positive change in her community. Simultaneously, Mayo holds the role of Chief Operating Officer at Ave, a cutting-edge Recruitment Marketing agency.

Recognised for her transparency, integrity, and profound insights, Mayo brings a compelling presence that goes beyond impact. In January 2023, she launched The Lady Powerhouse, embodying the spirit of a bold entrepreneur who transforms dreams into reality. August 2023 marked a significant moment when Mayo took a daring leap of faith, embracing full self-employment—a testament to her unwavering belief in her mission. Mayo's journey inspires us to chase our dreams and embrace the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

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