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Advent Advocacy/UniAdvocates

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Speaker Image - Advent Advocacy/UniAdvocates

Advent Advocacy is a nationwide advocacy service, created in 2007, assisting service users in healthcare, social care and educational settings, covering an array of specialisms, and offering high quality tailored services commissioned by partner providers. Advent Advocacy focuses on a person-first approach, considering the needs of each individual that is accessing the service. We get to know individuals so we can best support their needs, through our opt-out advocacy delivery.

We have 3 main aims – to listen, to represent and to empower. We believe that individuals should be supported and encouraged to use their voice to be fully involved in their care. We want to give a voice to those who may be struggling to express themselves, whether that be through representing their wishes on their behalf or supporting them to speak for themselves.

The UniAdvocates service is a unique service that is entirely independent; we work with university services but are an impartial and confidential sounding board for students who may be experiencing difficulties. We aim to support students through processes at university that may be impacting their mental health and wellbeing, helping them to access the right support for their individual needs. Click here to learn about Emily and JP

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