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Sharing Updates From Our Community!

We will be using our blog to share updates from guest speakers, partners and those within our community. Starting of with Rami Mroueh:

SOAS University of London student Rami Mroueh has been accepted into Doha Debates’ 2024 Ambassador Program, a unique opportunity for aspiring young leaders from around the globe to develop advanced intercultural communication skills and work collaboratively to envision the future they want for themselves.


Doha Debates, based in Washington, D.C., produces and distributes award-winning programming and interactive content that helps people bridge differences, build consensus and find solutions to urgent global issues.

At the heart of the Ambassador Program’s distinctive learning approach is the concept of the Majlis. In the Arab world, the traditional Majlis is a welcoming social space in which to openly and thoughtfully discuss personal and community issues.

Guided by renowned experts and international guest speakers, ambassadors learn to be successful Majlis facilitators and participants, engaging in solutions-oriented dialogue about some of the world’s most pressing issues—like climate change, global governance and ethical AI—with peers who have diverse worldviews.

Mroueh, who hails from the United Kingdom, is a master’s degree student studying global diplomacy. He applied for the program because he wanted to challenge himself to debate more effectively and be a better listener.

“I want to learn how to argue more efficiently and discover points of view I’ve never considered,” he says.

This year’s cohort of nearly 100 young leaders represents 37 countries across five continents, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Palestine, Qatar, Bangladesh, Uganda and Nigeria.


Doha Debates’ Ambassador Program is offered in partnership with Shared_Studios, a global, purpose-driven startup using innovative technology to build connections and enable collaboration anywhere in the world.


More information about the program is available at

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